2014 - Sunny Boys at The Forum

Well I got called up recently and asked to mix the Sunny Boys at the Forum Theatre in Melbourne for a few shows as their regular  soundman was unavailable. I was fan back in the 80’s and never mixed ‘em so I  was up for it. I mean, the last time I got behind desk was with Icehouse early  2013 and I must say I have been getting the vibe to mix again. I haven’t been  mixing since Oasis called it quits in late 2009 so I’m definitely feeling up  for it.

So after a long hiatuses, I was keen to mix on the XL4 as I  must say, I wasn’t keen to use digital as why would I! So I got the boys to  swap out the house Profile for the XL4 and analogue outboard. It’s been a long  time since that kit was rolled out of the factory. I don’t even think we’ve  sent it out in the last few years. We had a few units not working properly but  in the end got it all sorted.

So the end result it was business as  usual. It sounded great and I remembered how to assign all those pesky buttons.  The funny thing was after sound-check I went to write down my setting etc. I  actually got a pen and paper out and suddenly realized, shite I’ve an iPhone - I’ll take a few photos! I guess that’s how you save an analogue mix these days  in ya phone! Everyone mentioned how good the bottom end sounded in there. I  guess analogue still rules in that department.