The Esplanade Hotel (Espy) – St Kilda

The Esplanade Hotel recently went through a huge upgrade in 2018 and engaged Johnston Audio to install the audio for all areas.

The Gershwin Room has a new L’acoustic ARCS WIDE / FOCUS FOH system including SB218 subs with LA8 amplifiers and SD9 FOH console. The monitor system consists of Quest QM12 wedges and 10,000Q amplifiers.

On top of that we installed a light show with 8 moving wash heads, LED lights and a Chamsys lighting console.

The downstairs band room audio consists of some Outline DVS12 boxes and DVS18 subs with Quest QM12 wedges for the monitors. The console is an A&H SQ5 16chl.

Gershwin Room Audio & Lighting

  • 10 x L’acoustic ARCS WIDE/FOCUS mid-high
  • 4 x L’acoustic SB218 sub
  • 4 x L’acoustic LA8 4chl amplifier
  • 1 x BSS BLUE100 processor
  • 1 x Digico SD9 with 48chl Madi stage rack
  • 10 x Quest QM12 wedge
  • 2 x Quest QM600 sub
  • 2 x 10,000Q 4chl amplifier
  • 6 x B58A
  • 4 x SM57
  • 5 x Sennhieser E604
  • 1 x Sennhieser E901
  • 3 x Sennhieser E614
  • 6 x Radial D1
  • 1 x Chamsys MQ60 console
  • 8 x moving wash (Aura copy)
  • 16 x LED RGBW
  • 4 x LED Blinder
  • 8 x Par64
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