The Princess Theatre - Brisbane

The Princess Theatre Brisbane commissioned Johnston Audio in early 2021 to supply an in-house audio solution for their newly renovated main room.

We supplied them with a D&B V8/12 and V-sub speaker system with D&B D80 amplifiers and the accompanying monitor system consisted of a D&B Max 15 wedge system with D&B D12 amplifiers.

The console solution is an A&H console package setup consisting of a C3500 for FOH and C2500 for monitors. It includes a DM48 stage rack and some extra DSP with a DMO rack, all networked together and working like a treat.

We have also provided a new ONEstage stage patch system with various drop boxes as well as the ONEstage stage power system.

You can check out the ONEstage products at

FOH Speaker system

8 D&B V8 line array speaker

4 D&B V12 line array speaker

8 D&B V-Sub speaker

Amplifiers & control

3 D&B D80 4 channel amplifier

1 BSS BLU100 processor


4 D&B E3 speaker


2 JAS GT 12" + 2" infill speaker

FOH & Monitor console

1 A&H C3500 digital console

1 A&H C2500 digital console

1 A&H DM48/16 stage rack

1 A&H DMO extention DSP rack

3 A&H network card gigaACE 96k

1 A&H 12 chl output extender analouge / AES

Monitor system

1 24RU DQ Equipment rack

4 D&B D12 Stereo amplifier

1 JANDS PDS 3phase power distro


12 D&B Max15 wedge

2 Dynacord DL18 sub

1 24RU DQ Equipment rack

1 OneStage 48chl stage patch rack

1 OneStage 48chl multipin - XLR 7m lead

4 OneStage 12chl multipin box

1 20m 12chl LK multipin lead

1 15m 12chl LK multipin lead

2 10m 12chl LK multipin lead

1 OneStage Stage power distro

4 OneStage 240V 5 way box

4 20m 240v power lead to suit OneStage

1 Roadcase cable

25 7.54m XLR mic lead

20 5m XLR mic lead

1 Stands case

10 K&M short boom stand

10 K&M tall boom stand

1 Microphone draws case

6 Shure B58A mic

4 Shure B57A mic

2 Shure SM57

1 Shure B91A mic

1 Shure B52A mic

5 Sennheiser 904

3 Sennheiser 614


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