Outline Tripla 9075 - 3 way speaker pair

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Tripla II 9075 is a professional full-range 3-way active loudspeaker system to be tri-amplified. It comprises a low frequency section using no less than four 12” woofers in hybrid reflex/band-pass configuration, amid section using two high efficiency 8” mid-range, loaded by a symmetric wave guide with a square mouth (mounted in a so-called D’Appolito configuration), low compression ratio and low distortion and a high frequency section that uses a compression driver with a 2” throat and 3” titanium diaphragm, with overload protection, loaded by an asymmetric wave guide (also with a square mouth). The wave guides are built in sturdy fibreglass.

The acoustic reproduced bandwidth is 46Hz÷20.5kHz at -10dB,with a great linearity of within ±3dB from 50Hz to 19.5kHz, for the reproduction of many types of applications.

When triamplified, the system has high sensitivity for the low section 105dB SPL at 1m, 108dB SPL at 1m for the mid-section and over 111dBSPL at 1m for the HF section. Driven at maximum peak power, each section is able to produce a maximum peak of 144dB SPL (low), 145dB SPL (mid) and 143dBSPL (high) at 1m. The overall short-term peak SPL is 149dB.

The maximum allowed power for each section is 800 Watt AES(3,200 peak) for basses, 500 Watt AES (2,000 peak) for mid-range and 150 Watt AES (600 Peak) for high. Average dispersion from 500Hz to 4kHz is 90°horizontal and 45° vertical, from 500 Hz to 10,000 Hz is still 90° horizontal and 60° vertical for short and medium throw applications. The trapezoidal cabinet is built in high quality 15mm baltic plywood, strengthened by the complex internal structure and suitably positioned internal bracing to eliminate any resonance of the cabinet’s sides. The black outer finish is in high quality scratch-resistant paint. The cabinet has 6 fast flying points,that makes vertical or horizontal hanging of numerous units simultaneously extremely easy and reliable, by using the appropriate optional accessories. The front of the enclosure has recessed sockets for fitting an optional trolley,for handling and protecting the fibreglass wave guides during transport. Ten recessed integrated handles in the side panels of the cabinet are used for a positive grip during handling.

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Outline Tripla 9075 - 3 way speaker pair
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